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Squash Inspire

Our Commitment to Equity

Squash Inspire is deeply committed to equity, recognizing the importance of providing equal opportunities and access to all youth. We actively work to address and overcome barriers that hinder equitable participation in squash and education.


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Our pillars

Equal Access to Opportunity

Squash Inspire actively engages with underserved communities to raise awareness about our programs and create opportunities for participation. We collaborate with schools, community centers, and other local partners to reach youth who may face barriers to accessing sports and education programs. 

Recognizing that financial constraints can be a significant barrier, Squash Inspire offers financial assistance and scholarships to make academics, athletics, and career development accessible to all. By providing financial support, Squash Inspire removes a significant barrier to entry and promotes equitable access to our next generation of leaders.

Squash Inspire strives to make our programs physically accessible to all participants. This includes considering factors such as location, transportation options, and facility accessibility. We seek to ensure that geographic location or limited access to transportation does not become a hindrance for interested youth. By selecting accessible venues and exploring transportation options, Squash Inspire promotes equal access to its programs.

Squash Inspire

Meet the Team

Squash Inspire takes pride in its team of dedicated and skilled coaches who play a crucial role in the development and success of the youth involved in their programs. The coaches at Squash Inspire are passionate about squash, education, and empowering young individuals.

Matthew Lowinger

Director of Communications & Marketing

Nouran El Torky

Director of Squash

Kaleem Khan

Director of Squash

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